Daptin is an open-source backend to develop and deploy production-ready APIs. With Daptin you can design your data model and have a production ready JSON API online in minutes.

Easily consume the following features on any device

  • Relational database backed persistent data
  • Extensive user and access management
  • Social login with oauth2: tested with google, github, linkedin
  • Actions for abstracting out business flows
  • Extensive state tracking APIs
  • Enable Data Auditing from a single switch
  • Market place API to manage and share schemas
  • Cloud storage sync like gdrive, dropbox, b2, s3 and more
  • Multiple websites under separate sub-domain/sub-paths
  • Connect with external APIs by using extension points

  • Database to have consistent single source of truth [Postgres/MySQL/SQLite]

  • Flexible auth using the JWT-based authentication & permission system
  • Works with all frontend frameworks like React, Vue.js, Angular, Android, iOS
  • Very low memory requirement and horizontally scalable
  • Can be deployed on a wide range of hardware arm5,arm6,arm7,arm64,mips,mips64,mips64le,mipsle (or build for your target using go)