Market places are git based repositories where you can keep your collections of schemas, to be re-used by you or others later.

Create a market placeLink

  • Create a git repository
  • Goto Dashboard
  • Click Marketplace
  • Click PLUS icon to add a new marketplace
  • Enter git endpoint
  • Enter a name
  • If your packages are not at the root, then enter a path to the subpackages
  • Or leave this path empty

Click submit to add this.


Remember to "Sync repository" once before installing a package.

Syncing makes a local clone of the git repository for usage, or pulls for changes if it exists already.

Example of a market place git repositoryLink

Checkout a dummy market place with a couple of packages available

  • Blog
  • Construction project management system
  • FAQ management system
  • Store management system
  • Fashion style management system
  • Todo list

Install a package from a market placeLink

  • Goto Dashboard
  • Click Marketplace
  • Go into a marketplace
  • Click Action "Install package"
  • Type in the package name: this is the name of the folder you want to install

Submit to install this package. Daptin will restart itself and makes the changes to the APIs.