By default the GraphQL endpoint is not enabled. If you want to use GraphQL endpoint, here is how you can enable it.

Set graphql.enable to true in config:

curl \
-H "Authorization: Bearer TOKEN" \
-X POST http://localhost:6336/_config/backend/graphql.enable --data true

You can try to GET it again to verify if it was set or not (in case token is invalid or not set)

curl \
-H "Authorization: Bearer TOKEN" \

You need to restart daptin for this setting to take effect. You can issue a restart by calling this:

curl 'http://localhost:6336/action/world/restart_daptin' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN' \
--data '{"attributes":{}}'

If everything goes well, the graphql endpoint should be enabled. You can test it

curl http://localhost:6336/graphql


    "data": null,
    "errors": [
            "message": "Must provide an operation.",
            "locations": []

You can access the iGraphQL console at http://localhost:6336/graphql