Accessing web dashboardLink

Open up the dashboard on http://localhost:8080/

You will be presented with the Sign-in screen. If you are on a freshly created instance, then you need to create a user first.

First userLink

Use the dashboard to sign-up as the first user or call the sign-up API manually to create the first user.

Logging in dashboardLink

Become AdministratorLink

On the main screen of the dashboard under "Users" heading, locate the "Become admin" button.

Clicking this will make the following changes:

  • Disallow the sign-up API for guests
  • Disallow the sign-in API for guests
  • Makes you the owner of all the data

Enable sign-upLink

Enable sign-up action by navigating to:

You need to change two settings to allow guests to signup (after becoming admin)

Since the "Sign in" action is defined on user_account entity, you need to allow guests to execute

Dashboard -> All tables -> Search "User" and locate the "User account" entity -> Edit -> Permissions -> Guests -> Check "Execute strict"

Also allow guests to execute the sign-up action itself

Dashboard -> Actions -> Search "Signup" -> Edit -> Permissions -> Guest -> Check "Execute strict"