Setting up DaptinLink

Daptin is built in golang and a static artifact is available for most targets

Deploy and get startedLink

Deployment preference Getting started
Heroku Deploy
Docker docker run -p 8080:8080 daptin/daptin
Kubernetes Service & Deployment YAML
Development go get
Linux (386/amd64/arm5,6,7) Download static linux builds
Windows go get
OS X go get
Load testing Docker compose
Raspberry Pi Linux arm 7 static build


Daptin will listen on port 6336 by default. You can change it by using the following argument



Daptin relies on self re-configuration to configure new entities and APIs and changes to the other parts of the ststem. As soon as you upload a schema file, daptin will write the file to disk, and reconfigure itself. When it starts it will read the schema file, make appropriate changes to the database and expose JSON apis for the entities and actions.

You can issue a daptin restart from the dashboard. Daptin takes about 15 seconds approx to start up and configure everything.

Detailed instructionsLink